NDL 교육과정

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NDL 교육과정



1.Basic course is NDL Novice Diver Course

   (5 confined water sessions and 4 open water sessions)
2.Next step for education is NDL Diver Course.

   (at least 1(one) open water session)
3.After certification as an NDL Diver the student can choose one from four courses:


Universal Diver Course (5 open water dives)
Rescue Diver Course (5 open water dives)
▶ Professional Buoyancy Diver Course (8 confined or open water training dives)
Medic First Aid and CPR Specialist (2 classroom session).


He can also take any Specialty Courses.

1.The Rating of Diveleader means that diver has complete fife NDL courses and

    get at fife cards (NDL Diver + NDL Universal Diver + NDL Professional Buoyancy

    Diver + NDL Rescue Diver + NDL MFA and CPR Specialist first level and has at least

    40 logged open water dives).

2.Certified NDL Dive Leader can take NDL Divemaster Course and after completion

    the Course be certified as NDL Divemaster (If he has 60 logged open water dives).

3.If Certified NDL Divemaster has 100 logged open water dives he can take

    ITC (Instructor Training Course).

4.The candidates, who passed exams with the total score below 4.0,

    will get the rating of Instructor Rank 1.

5.The candidates who passed exams with the total score above 4.0 can conduct all

    NDL courses from NDL Novice Diver Course to NDL Divemaster Course and  

    will get the rating of Instructor Rank 2.

6.If NDL Instructor Rank 2 who certified more than 150 students different levels and

    assist during instructor training (ITC) he can be certified as NDL Master Instructor.

7.NDL Master Instructor who assists to Instructor Rank 3 (Instructor Trainer) at least

    3 times can be certified as Instructor Rank 3 after completion ITTC

   (Instructor Trainer Training Course).

8.The statuses of NDL Magister  and NDL Grandmaster are honorary statuses. 

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